Harvest Grace Stories

Evidence that God is still at work in the lives of those who choose to follow him.

Stories of God's Grace.

The evidence of God's fingerprints on our lives is one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to demonstrating the incredible power of God's Grace in our lives. God is always working for us...even when we don't see it. Be encouraged, empowered and uplifted by these testimonies of how God worked to change peoples lives, and witness how he used Harvest Church to play a major role!

God's Fingerprints: A Story of Divine Intervention

Scarlett was battling cancer and losing. She was almost out of hope. Fortunately God was already working to heal her, and revealed a plan that had been in motion for years. Don't miss this amazing story of the miraculous and witness the overwhelming evidence of God's Fingerprints!

Cathrine's Healing: A Miracle Story

God is still in the miracle business. Check out this amazing testimony of how God healed an incurable, debilitating disease! That same healing that God blessed Cathrine with is available to you!

Addicted No More: A Redemption Story

Married to a life of drugs, alcohol and despair, Nicholas found hope and healing through a relationship with Jesus! Enjoy this incredible story of God's redeeming power!

The Power of Community and Prayer: Stephen's Story

An amazing testimony that demonstrates God's love, healing power and how He uses community to carry us through difficult seasons.

The Fruit of Outreach: Shonna and Katrice

Shonna's story is a great example of God's grace and how seeds planted through Harvest's outreach ministries can produce amazing fruit!