Faith Promise

Want to be part of global missions without leaving home? Participate in Faith Promise!

Faith Promise is an offering given directly to mission.

The funds are used to:

  • Support missionaries
  • Support mission projects that assist mission work
  • Provide resources for the Gospel to reach “the ends of the earth.”

Committing to Faith Promise?

Ask God for guidance for a specific amount to give. This amount is above your normal giving. Faith Promise is not about your budget – it’s about your faith!

Once you are sure about the amount, click on the link above to make your commitment. Your Faith Promise can be a one-time gift, or it can be a weekly or monthly amount that you commit to giving for the year.

Your personal details will be kept confidential. We will not reach out to you to make sure you follow through on your Faith Promise. That is between you and God. We will, however, send out Faith Promise updates throughout the year to everyone who has submitted a commitment so you can see how God is using your faith to spread Jesus to the world.